T11 Meeting Information

The following links will lead you to information regarding T11 meeting schedules and locations.

T11 and its subgroups typically hold face-to-face meetings for one week every two months. As T11 relies on a volunteer host from among its membership for each of these "plenary" meeting weeks, they are held in varying locations. However, all meetings in a partcular week are normally held in the same hotel or conference center. It is very important that all attenders of the T11 meetings stay in the designated meeting hotel, using the group name established by the meeting host. Please see this document if you need to justify this to your company or travel agent.

In addition, interim meetings and teleconferences are typically held between these meeting weeks.

For the next T11 plenary meeting week, the following information is available:

A notice for the following meeting week is also available.

A schedule of T11 plenary meeting weeks for the next two years is available. Note that locations are subject to change, but are usually firm for 6-12 months before the meeting date.

A schedule of interim meetings (and/or teleconferences) for the next two months is available. Note that some of these meetings will often be held during the plenary week of the closely-related Technical Committee T10 (which handles the SCSI standards family), so please check the T10 plenary week schedule and the meeting map for the next T10 week.

You can also create a meeting notice of a T11 interim meeting or teleconference or a non-T11 meeting.

If you would like to consider hosting a T11 meeting week (volunteers are always welcome), click here.

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